Monday, 29 August 2011


just for YOU.....

I’m not sure yet but
I remember you in my dreams
My only one
You you you you
I always think about it to myself
Waking me up in the morning as the sun rises
Holding both of my hands
Looking at each other in the eyes
Smiling with me at my words
Like a drama, like a movie
The one, single person who’ll be beside with me and guard me
You you you, come into my heart
My wishlist...
There’s one person
Who’ll secretly come to me
Into my dreams and make me smile
You you you you
Always make me laugh
You’ll make me fall into the sweetest dreams
I don’t know love
I haven’t been behaving too badly
So someone will give me a warm smile
Whispering words sweetly to me
A person who’ll be by my side, giving me light
Come, come to me
Approach me, step by step
I’ve had dreams like this where you appear
Bye bye bye, sadness
You’ll make me smile
I’ve been waiting for so long
You you you, come into my heart
Even if I try and picture it,
My heart flutters so much
The person who’ll love me more than anything
More than anyone
Why why why is love
Still not appearing in my eyes
When will it come to me
You you you, I’ve been waiting forever
come to my side
My wishlist......
6/9/2011,you'll be gone~! 
be strong + stay healthy ek! 
annyeong! :')

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