Wednesday, 30 November 2011


hello everyone! ;)
okay! just now i've been watching 2011 MAMA live on 8tv. MAMA stands for Mnet Asian Music Awards. and yes, the qualitifications to win an award depend on album sales, voting, digital sales, judges, and so on. OHEMMGEE. as usual MAMA's judgement is not fair again this year! arghhh! i hate Mnet! how come Super Junior who got Album of the Year award has not been nominated for both the Artist of the Year award and Song of the Year award! it's weird right? okay, i got that SuJu oppa has received 3 awards for MAMA. Album of the Year, Best Male Group and Singapore's Choice awards. i am happy for them! they deserve it! but why it has to be So Nyeoh Shi Dae or Girls' Generation or Plastic Generation got the Artist of the Year one?! why? i think besides SuJu maybe either IU or B2ST more deserves it! or maybe LeeSsang! they have talent! but SNSD? they have NO talent at all! the online voting percentage for SNSD is very low! while the album sale by SuJu is higher than theirs. and for digital sales LeeSsang, 2NE1 and T-Ara achieved higher than SNSD lorh! aigooo~ i believe that the MAMA judges were being unfair in judging the nominees. or they got some money from SMEntertainment hah? let say Sones are right about audience's choice? SNSD is more popular? who says?! Super Junior is the most popular KPOP artist in the whole ASIA! or maybe the whole world! many people still don't know who SNSD is lorh! plus their The Boys song is shit! the choreography is hampehh! Sones stand for their successful rapping in The Boys? wahahahahaha~ you call that a rap? please laaaaaa~ i'm begging for more honesty in an award judgement please~ don't make our boys cry because the unfair judgement again! the upcoming GDA! please! be honest! 

SuJu oppa! chukae! we,ELFs are very very proud of you! as an ELF, i also want SuJu oppa to win all of the best awards throughout this year as our beloved leader LeeTeuk will be gone soon for army enlistment. good luck oppa! remember that we'll always love you! Teuki oppa fighting! Super Junior fighting! <3

i'm HAPPY my Super Junior won!
i'm happy my B2ST won! - best dance male group
i'm happy my Gary (LeeSsang) won! - best hip hop duo
i'm happy my Big Bang won! - best MV
i'm happy my IU won! - best vocal solo
i'm happy my A Pink won! - best new female artist
i'm unhappy my FT Island didn't win!
i'm unhappy my love love love Infinite didn't win! *but i know they'll one day!*
i'm unhappy my Kara didn't win!
i'm UNHAPPY 'my' SNSD won! :P

*hanya luahan ketidakpuasan hati aku semata mata. heeeeee~ ignore the gramatical errors please~ LOL.*

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