Thursday, 17 November 2011


Why am I like this? I'm acting weird. I'm grinning all day long. Why do I act so calm even when I get cursed at, like I'm absentmindedly crazy? Something feels empty. Something feels awkward. I definitely lost something but.. What did I forget? I think I hurt my head. :( 
But why aren't you coming? Why aren't you contacting me? Thump! My heart drops. This was the thing that I lose. Amazing.. You.. amazing.. And I.. amazing.. How did we become strangers? Yeah. Listen. The road that you liked because there weren't any tall buildings. You're walking down it with some other girl and holding hands. *fitnah semata mata.haha* :P  We're strangers anyways. But I still can't forget. No matter how much I try to forget and forget. There's only you. I, who was hit here and there. My body's full of scars. There's no road to go on. With no more days to breathe, the thing I found by looking and looking. Was myself through your eyes. I look for you. I should've lived acting like an absentminded, crazy person. What's the problem? What's wrong? It already ended. Boy~ There's nothing that will change from you(?) and I being hurt anyways. YOU'RE NOT COMING BACK TO ME. I CAN'T SEE YOU AGAIN. Drop! Tears fall. This is what it's like. You not being here. I just don't think I can live like this anymore. You.. were my all and why I lived.. FOR YOU.. *tipu* Amazing.. You.. amazing.. And I.. amazing.. How did we become strangers? :((

Why I being like this? :(

*jiwang je lebihh~ haha. XD my geraham bongsu buat hal lagi. ouch! it's hurt. :'( 
umi,cepat lah balik! 
esok satu satunya adik bongsu aku dapat result UPSR. semoga beliau tak rosakkan rekod bersih kakak kakak dan abangnya! 5A's, hakim! fighting! ;)
*update: budak tuh pecah rekod! dapat 4A1B je. haihhh~

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