Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Bad boy

Hype ! :)
*ni pasal Korea lagi. Heeee. :D *
Recently aku addicted dengan lagu ni --> Bad Boy by Mighty Mouth + Soya. Bestttttt. Serius tak tipu. Hekhek. Comel lah diorang. Chorus lagu ni catchy. Nappeun nom ! Nappeun nom !

English translation :

Come to me and softly hug me
Tell me of a sweet, sweet love now
I keep, keep thinking of you, what to do?
Why can't you know how I feel?

You're a bad boy, who stole my whole heart
You're a bad boy, who took all of my heart
You're a bad boy, who doesn't know how I feel
You're a bad boy, who took away my heart but I love you <3

Yes, almost all the time, they say that I look like I would get around
But these are the things I'm the worst at:
Cheating, checking out other girls, flirting, lying
Don't worry, my life motto is: there are no secrets in the world
I want to be your angel
Besides you, I will look at other girls as stone
I promise you until the day I grow taller
So am I still a bad boy? Oh, no
I'm a real man

What do you mean you don't know?
I miss you every day too
Just wait, this oppa has left to go pick you up
I can't stop don't stop
You driving me so crazy I want you to be my baby
My queen 1st lady, in one word, you're amazing
Rumors saying that I'm a playboy are misunderstandings
If you meet me, you'll be surprised
I'm not a playboy badboy, call me Mr. One Love
Next week, we're gonna be holding hands and watching a movie
You're mine, mine, mine, mine
You're the one who makes me go crazy, you're the bad girl

Bad boy bad boy, I'm a bad boy who only looks at you
Hello hello, only look at me, bad boy
Bad girl bad girl, you're the one who stole my heart, bad girl
Hello hello, hey baby tell me what is good let’s go

Please trust me, just trust me this once
Please accept my heart, I will take good care of you
I will give you everything, I won't ask or argue
I will give you all of me, trust me, if you want to feel me, love me <3

Daaaaaa~ :D
*Yang dihighlight tu takde ape pon. Sesaje. Harhar~ :P

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