Sunday, 12 August 2012

Excuse me?


Dear You.

I'm so sorry if I was too sensitive the day before. :(
I was mad at you just because your weird question.
If it is true that you only asked me for your friend's behalf, ignore this. :)
If it is not, and there was something behind that question.
I want to let you know something. ;)
Before everything becomes more complicated.
Before my misunderstanding about you becomes more serious.

Lelaki yang baek hanya untuk perempuan yang baek. ^^

Awak baek.

Tapi saya rasa saya tak. :')

Jangan pura2 suka kalo tak suka. 

Your words before, including the 3 years thingy. n___n
Don't worry, dude.
I will not take the words seriously.

Yes, we are. :)


*peeps.ignore this entry please. n___________n 
 selamat memanfaatkan malam2 terakhir Ramadhan. :')


mudz abdul halim said...

what if he really meant it?

amalia eunhae said...

muahahaha. kata2 dari seorg lelaki, better we don't trust them. if he really meant it, asal dia berubah? dulu suka layan kita baek2, skrg tnggal kita mcmtu je. it's awkward now. :(
*eh teremo. kahkah. XD

don't worry. he knows this blog. kalo dia baca benda ni tunggulah apa respon dia. but i think he will ignore this too. :)