Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Assalamualaikum. :)
*nak cakap omputih sikettt boleh? hikhik. :pp

Arghhh. I don't like this feeling. A little bit moody maybe? Tomorrow I have to go for my driving class. RM30 just for 1 hour. It's ridiculous. ==' And I also have to pay another RM30 to continue my L license which will be expired tomorrow, 8/8/2012. 'Lucky' enough hah? My JPJ test will be on the day after tomorrow, 9/8/2012. Perfect! Ohmai~ >.< Arghhhhh again as I don't like this driving thingy. I think after I get my driving license, I will not drive lorh, except if only if there is a crucial moment so that I have to. :(

JPA change their policy this year. ==' Not all IPTA's Medical and Dental students will get the JPA scholarships like before. We also have to apply for the scholarship. But luckily I am one of the JPA PIDN 2011 scholarship holders. This morning I received an email from JPA.

Alhamdulillah. A fellow tamhidian who is also in the same shoes like me has called JPA for the confirmation so that we don't have to apply for the scholarship again. :)
But how about the others? Only 40 students of 700 tamhidians I guess got the conditional scholarships after SPM like me. *eh2 cam poyo jek.hoho.* Yesterday one of my classmates asked me whether he has to apply for it or not. Now he got a fever and he only can go online sometimes. Poor him. Hakhak. When he's online, the JPA website is not working. Server error der~ Okay dude, take a good rest k. I will inform you if I can access the website. :D *aik tetiba aku cakap pasal dia ni asal? O.o tukartopik2~

Just now, this ---> nak pitam happened again. :( I'm not feeling well until now. The stomachache, sweating all over the body, blurring eyes. Ya Allah, sihatkanlah tubuh badan aku. :'( This frightened me. :(( Pray for me. T^T 

2 days ago, I had a medical check-up for USIM 1st year degree registration. All praises to Allah, the doctor said I'm healthy. :) But there was an unwanted accident though. I was too nervous when entering the doctor's room. Kahkah. First thing she did was taking my blood pressure. As my heartbeats was too fast, my blood pressure was very high, 149mm/Hg. Me too was shocked. Hahahaha. After she talked to me, examined other parts of my body, I became more relax. :) She checked my blood pressure again. Alhamdulillah it became normal, 129mm/Hg. *sebenarnya masa tu aku still nervous lagi. pelik betol la aku ni. bukannya doktor tu doktor lelaki yang sepet kacak bergaya pun. ==' * I also don't have any idea why I was being like that. In medical check-up last year, aku cool je~ >.< Haaaaaa! Also thank God my height increased by 1cm this year! Yay! I am 156cm now. Hehehe. *aku tau lah aku pendek. dah cukup tinggi lah tu bagi aku. :p

Okay lah. Wish me luck for the JPJ test this Thursday. -__________-'

Wassalam. Pyepye~ XD

*ganassss tak titewwww speaking omputihhhhhhhh? ikowwttt sukewww hati titewww ahhh nak ckp omputihhhhh tetibewww~ ignore the grammar mistakes titewwww ekkkkkk. ;ppppp
**gedik enough? LOL.

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