Wednesday, 22 August 2012

When Falling in Love with a Friend

Are we friends or are we dating?
These days I’ve been confusing about you, even more about myself
We also watch movies, also go for a walk
Then I’m telling you my deep secret
Our friendship is something closer than lovers
But what should I do? I’ve grown so fond of you baby
Before I know it, everything of you
I’ve grown fond of everything of you
Silently, more silently, I will come closer to you
I like all that you are, like everything
Even though the words “I love you” aren’t said
Please just stay with me like this, please promise me, forever
My heart wants to confess everything like a man
You’d better catch my heart, you’d better know my heart baby
The love that is more precious than love
I want to give my all
Slowly, more slowly, I will give all my heart
I like all that you are, like everything
Even though those words are awkward
Please be there, sometimes as friends, sometimes as lovers
“There’s no friendship between boys and girls"
I didn’t believe it back then
No, even though we become lovers
We will continue being even better friends
More than the words “I love you”
We still, with our sweet feelings
Little by little, starting from today
I like all that you are, like everything
Your hands that I took, I won’t let go
But instead I will be by your side saying “I love you”, forever~
lagu ni dah lama. tapi saja tertarik nak post maksud dia. heeee. n__________________________________n
*hari tu aku ada masalah dengan someone, dia yang settlekan. semalam pun dia yang suruh sahabat yang dah lama merajuk dengan aku tu reply mesej hari raya aku. terharu gilaaa. itulah gunanya best friend kan? :'D eh tapi lagu ni bukan untuk dia. jangan salah paham pulak. :P

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