Friday, 21 September 2012

'takde' kerja~

Hai semua. :)

Kali ni aku nak share biodata aku dekat korang. Biodata ni assignment first kitorang untuk subjek Behavioural Science for Dentistry. Hahaha. Nampak sangat aku takde kerja nak buat kan? Benda ni pun nak post. Wakaka. Alaaa~ Kopi pasta je pun. :P Padahal assignment berlambak. Public speaking, ICT, Bahasa Arab. Just aku je yang taknak buat lagi. Takde mood weh. >.<

    My name is Nik Amalia Nasrulliana binti Mat Zaib. This precious name was given to me by my beloved father. Usually everyone will ask me to repeat my name when I said it to them for the first time. Just call me Amalia or Nik. I was born on 20th November 1993 in Hospital Pasir Puteh, Kelantan. I live at Kubang Kerian, Kota Bharu, Kelantan since I was born. I love homemade food especially my mom’s chicken rice. I also love to drink fruit juices, and of course the sky juice too. My primary school is Sek Keb Demit (1), whereas my secondary school is Maahad Muhammadi Perempuan Kota Bharu. In my leisure time, I like to surf internet, listen to Korean songs, watch Korean dramas and variety shows. These are my hobbies since I was in Form 2.  I also love blogging very much. I prefer to express myself by writing more than talking. I am a blue maniac and also a cat lover. I had almost 20 cats at home but now the number is decreasing year by year as they were moving to other places. My father’s name is Mat Zaib bin Daud. He is a retired teacher. He teached SPM students in Electrical Engineering Drawing subject. My mother’s name is Tuan Mariati binti Tuan Ahmad. She is a hardworking housewife. I am the 4th of 5 siblings. My eldest sister is a doctor at Hospital Sarawak, and she is married. The second and third ones are my older brother and my older sister respectively, who are studying in UiTM. Lastly, my youngest brother who is in form 1 at Maahad Muhammadi Lelaki Kota Bharu. I love my family very much. J

    I did not have any ambition previously. Since I was a small kid until I took SPM, I did not have any specific goals in my life. I just studied like the others and succeed to get straight A’s in all big examinations. All praises to ALLAH. I trust that He has the best plan for me. So I just moved on. When applying UPU, suddenly my heart persuaded me to choose dentistry as the top choice. Finally, I got admitted in Tamhidi of Dentistry USIM. First semester of Tamhidi gave a big impact to my life. In this semester I got a lower result than the required CGPA for entering the Faculty of Dentistry. It was quite hard for me, as we had a very big competition to enter the Faculty of Dentistry. After seeing many other friends were doing well in the first semester, I still remember that I had given up many times. Also when having difficulties in studying. But after that I managed to stand up again. All praises to Allah at last I succeed to overcome all these hardships. In the second semester, I got a better result. And now I am very glad that I got the golden chance to be an official dental student here. However, I am a little bit sad because I could not further my study with my best friend, Liyana Fairuz. She was also in Tamhidi of Dentistry before, but now she is in the Chemical Industry course in USIM Nilai. My campus life is completely changed without her beside me. But nevertheless, only Allah knows what is the best for her.

     Honestly, I admit that I am a passive person in class and lecture. Sometimes I am being jealous with other classmates who are active in the class. I also want to be like them seriously. But practice makes perfect. I am trying as possible as I can to change my attitudes in the class. InsyaAllah one day I will become a braver person. My dreams in the future are to be a good Muslimah dentist, could contribute something useful to the society and Islam, and the most important, always be happy and sincere when doing this job. Do pray for me, Madam. Thank you. 
 NikAmaliaNasrulliana - 1120144 ( 6th batch of Dentistry )

*entri ni dah jadi draft sejak 3 hari lepas lagi. hahaha. asyik2 tertidur je masa bukak lappy. apesal hah aku jadi mengantuk awal sejak duk sini? padahal dulu kul 3 pagi baru mengantuk. tapi kat sini kul 11 malam dah tertidur depan laptop. selalu tak shut down lappy. >.<

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