Sunday, 28 October 2012

I Will Show You

Lagu ni bessssttttttt. I'll Show You by Ailee. :)

You’re probably wearing the clothes I bought you
You probably put on the cologne I bought you
And right now, you’re probably meeting her and laughing

Did you like her that much that you had to leave me?
How much more do I have to be better?

No matter how much I try to erase you
We spent so many days together
The past times are so regrettable that tears keep flowing but…

I will show you a completed changed me
I will show you a way prettier me
I don’t wanna cry like a fool over love, over you who left

I will meet a hotter guy and I will show you for sure
A me who is happier than you
I won’t be sad without you, I won’t break down
Boy you gotta be aware

I neatly change my hairstyle and carefully apply my makeup
With my high heels and short skirt, everyone turns to look at me

If I ever run into you, I will give a dazzling smile
Pass by your surprised face and click clack go on my way

I will throw away the ring you gave me
I will erase the letters you wrote me
Without lingering attachment, without regret, I’ll forget you
I wanna forget you, I wanna erase you

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