Friday, 7 December 2012


# recently addicted to this song. Guilty by SeungYeon (Kara) :D

Leave, leave far away
I say to my heart filled with scars
Avoid me, avoid me far away 
I say to the thick darkness that can’t go away 
I ask of you.

Why am I embracing the world that I can’t have?
Why am I crying so much? I’m still…

Any time, any fate
It’s a rough road that won’t end
Though I’m ripped apart and in pain, 
I will smile, watch me, I promise

Run away, disappear far away
Give me back the lost time 
I ask of you.

Why did I have to walk on this long path?
But I know why I had to endure through the difficult times

Any time, any fate 
If it can’t be stopped
I will win and win and smile
Watch me, I ask of you...

# esok final project public speaking kitorang. dengan junior2 tamhidi dentist dekat Nilai. semoga semuanya berjalan dengan lancar. doakan2 ye sayang. do wish us a good luck. :)
# alhamdulillah kite baru sembuh dari food poisoning. syukur :')

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