Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Dear Umi

For some reasons, today feels so difficult and exhausted
I hold my pillow closer as I sit alone in my room
Touching my phone to distract my heart
For some reasons today feels empty

Suddenly, I was surprised by a ringing phone
Your worried voice asked if I’ve eaten today
These words annoyed me at those time but today it’s different
The forgotten promises I've made are remembered

I will be a person with pretty heart
And become a person who puts the others first
I will fulfill the wishes of your love
With all the love that you have shown me
I think of you who used to share my dreams and brush my hair

Though I’ve hurt you by making wrong choices
You silently watched over me from afar
All this time I was a clumsy child, but I think I understand now
The meaning of your silent prayers

What will I do, yet my heart is small
If I let go your hand, I'm not sure I can make it without you
I don't think I'm ready yet, and I'm scared

I’m afraid that it will still lack
I’ll be a wise daughter of you
Give me the courage
I will be a proud daughter no matter where I go
You’ve been there for me
I’m too shy to express to you
That I really really love you <3

This song really tells my heart. Every single line of them :0

Umi, thank you for everything. I love you and I miss you very much. And ayah too :'(

#mood : homesick gara2 nak exam T^T

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