Sunday, 3 March 2013


A blank paper. White. There's nothing. So is my mind now. Do not know what to do. There is a bunch of works. Not left behind, the incomplete works, SUFA report. New work, protocol thingy for DAN. But do not have any idea on how to start. Not include the assignments yet. New semester is starting. Without any reason, my bad mood is overwhelming. Within a week. Suffering. Suffocating. Blurring. Haishhhh. What's wrong with me? Feel empty. Meeting new teachers. Not bad. But what is this feeling? I don't know what's happening! Ohmaiiii. Oral Biology seminar on upcoming 6th of March. Got a new group. The members are also not bad at all. But but but and but my bad mood had caused a trouble, I guess. When the group discussion was going on, I was being selfish :( By voting, among eight of us, the only me got the presenter role! PRESENTER! Wooooiiiiii. I hate doing presentation very much. Very very very very infinitely hate it! At that time, an evil feeling came up. My monologue, "The ones who are good in presenting, why not you volunteer yourselves instead of me doing it? >.<" Astaghfirullahalazim :( Not enough with that, I stood up and went away from the place. I skipped the group discussion. Sorry. I'm sorry friends. It's all my fault T.T I could not think properly before taking that action. Mesti korang cakap aku tak bagi kerjasama kan? Sorryyyyyyy dears. My mistake. Regret it very much. Thank God, Dalila told that she wants to do the presentation too. Accompanying me. Thanks Dalila ^.^ Very appreciate it. But don't know how to show my gratitude to you. Well. This is me. Can't express my feeling well. Heeeee. If I think all over again, ohyeaa actually I have to force myself to do the presentation. I hate it but there's no other choice, I also must do this kind of things in the future too.  So it's a MUST for me to practise it from time to time. Huhu. Don't laugh at me, friends. I am trying. Maybe trying hard. Aigoooooooooo. Do support me, ea? :'(


Afiqah Qurratuainii said...

Banyaknya presentation :)

NikAmaliaNasrulliana said...

macam biase. haha. present dulu bru lecturers ajar. 2nd week masuk sem baru dah kena present. move on je la. chaiyok2 :3