Tuesday, 28 May 2013

One Day

They said, if cupid isn't careful about where he shoots the arrow, it could get messy. Seriously? =.=

They said, liking someone and loving someone is the same. It's like how saying you're pretty and you're beautiful is the same. But. The real love means you give half of yourself into a space. And in that space, you fill it with half of the other person. That love is when two halves that were lacking join and become a whole. If there is only half of them, it is not love.

How about unrequited love? Complicated. It is like a place you entered of your own accord, but you’re trapped inside, unable to find an exit. He doesn’t know a thing, and could one day leave her line of sight, and the love ends passively. A love that does not bloom flowers, and also cannot dream of bearing fruit. A love like a seed that is forgotten. That is unrequited love.

One person cannot change the world. But you can become the world for someone. Yes. It will rain in some days. It will hurt on some days. But that doesn't mean that the world is disappearing.

Ouh wait. Okayyy I don't know what I am writing about =_____=

When people usually talk about other people's matter, or even about their own stories, they tend to add more to the story or dramatize it or something. You don't know her, you don't know whether she already had someone in her heart or not, and you don't know who is he, but you create stories. You made your own assumption. You clarify that you know who is he. Astaghfirullah. Be careful, dears. We are still very young. This is not the right time yet. Enough with this thing :)

Let me tell you a story :B

There is a girl. Same age with me. 20 years old. She admits that until now there's still no one in her little fragile heart. No one. And she doesn't hope to have one for this time being. But when a false rumor was being created up, and many hearts started to be involved, phewwww it's tiring. People. Could you please do not make any assumption which involving one's heart, please? Okay, let tell that she just kept silent all this time. Let the thing be just like it wants to be. Silence is way better. Unfortunately yes it becomes better in front of her eyes, but at the back, who knows? She stayed strong for a long time. Covering her ears from listening the hurtful words. She built the strength day by day. Day by day until the day comes, the day when she thinks that she must clear up the misunderstanding. She must stand up and tell the world the truth. Not because of another people, but she's very tired already. Tired enough. The injured friendship between her and him just begins to heal, but the unwanted rumor spreads out again. Frustrated. She is trying to be strong. She was. She is. And she will. Dear him, may you please just stay there? Stay beside her. Do accompany her until she gets someone else to replace your role, may you?

Let be fair, everyone. She is a normal girl. She has her own imagination on what she wants to have one day. Right now, at this time, for her, she is repairing herself, preparing herself, to be a better person. At the same time, she still wants to be a playful and childish kid like usual for this time being. Be friend with everyone. Be a sister for everyone. Why? Because she's still not ready yet. Not ready yet to show this kind of attitudes in front of her real partner-to-be. She still doesn't know who is he. But surely her heart tells that she really hopes her charming prince does not find her yet. Not yet. She doesn't want him to know herself at all at this young age. It sucks. Just wait. One day. One day. This girl wants to show the best version of herself to her future husband. And to her future family. She wants to marry a man who can accept herself and her family. A man who will not make her family awkward. A man who will have a comfortable conversation with her siblings. So she tells Allah SWT in her Dua everyday.

"Dear you. Please don't come yet. Until I am ready enough. One day." :)

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