Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Blues .

I think I have Wednesday blues.
Every week, on every Wednesday there's something feel off.
Nak balik.
I miss my parents.
I want to run far from this place.
But how?
I already took the pledge.
Penat lah selalu kena pakai eyeliner pi kelas sebab mata sembap.
I think I should meet a psychiatrist.
Because that fake smile that I wear everyday is very scary, even to myself.
And wearing that "3rd year dental student" title walaupun tak layak.
Ikhlas. One more thing which is not easy to achieve. More to 'terpaksa' than 'ikhlas'.
And clingy. I think it becomes a habit for me to be very clingy to that person. Annoying kan aku? I'm sorry and I will try my best not to bother you anymore hmm

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