Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Gwaenchana .

When two persons share same feeling towards each other, I thought they should keep their feeling like people always said, "jaga hati", and keep trusting each other? Am I wrong?

Is she a toy? He keeps telling her to accept other guy that easily like she does not have any right to choose her partner. Is her heart a toy? "Don't expect too much, don't hope too much." "If there's a man your family chose for you, keep going" Is her heart a stone? Does she have to accept someone who she does not want to be with just like that? Is it that easy for him to give her up? Is she a cheap thing? You can give, you can get. Does he know how the girl feels when she realized that? "Like we are close." So it is not that close to him but it is for her. "I guess we can't be too close after this." Does he know how much her heart hurts listening to it? How about him? Does he okay with it? Does he feel alright when giving her part of heart that he received to another guy that easily? Does he really fine?

So it's not the same feeling I guess.

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