Sunday, 27 September 2015

Geumanhaja .

Hearts are complicated. They are difficult to be solved and I don’t know how. Prayer is the best way to solve it. But it’s still blank and something is off. Maybe my good deeds are inadequate, I don’t know. I am not waiting, my heart is. I did my best and I am still doing my best. There are multitrillion people in this world, whyyyy does it feel like it is tied tightly only at that place, which I don't know whether it might be or might not be its true place. 3 years are not a short period, somehow I am a little bit tired from being like this all the time. 3 years or maybe more idk. Maybe for you this is a playground, but to me it is something I should think of. It is quite bothersome sometimes. What can we do, dear? We cannot read the future. It is not my intention to think and be bothered by this thing but still I can’t control my own heart. I think all people around who are supporting us together put me in a more awkward position. I don’t understand this situation. It is blurry. 3 years are enough dear self. I should stop. That’s not my place. I should. Seriously. 


Anonymous said...

If this is not what you want, then i'll stop support both of you anymore so that you'll be at ease hehe. Himnae chingu-yah~~~

nik amalia nasrulliana said...

haha just keep praying Allah knows best :')

Anonymous said...

letih dah nk baca =..=