Sunday, 6 March 2016

Chapter 11

The hate.

Who am I to hate people or person who I choose to hate?
Who am I to hate the servant of Allah?
Who am I to hate a Muslim who has the same religion as mine?

I am not hating you. I just hate the things you have done.

We know that we are a bunch of average women. Not so pious like all of you hope us to be. Sometimes it's hard to be in my own college. Take a look at yourself. Speaking rude words with your friends, hurting others with your own words and behaviours. It's not we are 'free hair'. Nor open our aurah to ajnabi like you expect we are. You don't know about our family background, which is not so pious like yours, who are wearing the big scarves since the beginning. We are always trying to cover our aurah as best as we can. Everything is not being shown except face and palm of hands. We wore an inner when we think our scarf has less opacity. Yup I admit that in the past I didn't wear any inner when wearing bawal. But it had been a year since I changed my scarf into a scarf which is not as transparent as bawal. Human changes. So do I, eventhough nobody realizes. Whatever. I don't need people's attention, it's enough for me to cover what I should.

I know I am an average woman. I know all of you don't see us as a woman. Tbh we don't ever expect for you to see us as a woman. Yeah we don't deserve usim man as you said. Siapalah kami berbanding kamu yang soleh dan alim? Ops sorry tersarcastic pulak. But still by always being sarcastic about what we wear, being sarcastic about what I said about not trusting man, it sucks, bro. Ok. Be sarcastic as possible as you can. But jangan melenting when others do so to you. Take it as a reflection for yourself. Accept and swallow it. Be realistic. Ask if you don't know. Do ask the reason why we arrived late, not just being sarcastic all of the time. Don't act like you are so soft-hearted like you have no sin, innocent and whatever.

Why bother advising me to change my attitude if actually it's you who should change it?

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agree 200%