Sunday, 5 June 2016

Chapter 20

Ramadhan is coming. One day left. Ya Allah time is running so wildly.

I have no other wish than hoping to use this holy month to turn over a new life. It's not a big deal to start over every time you feel wanna to. It doesn't matter how much time we have tried to change ourselves as long we always want to try to change it. You fell down, you get up back. You're being pushed to fall down, get up by your own. No one is deserved to be used as the reason for you not getting up.

Exam is coming. Wipe your tears, brush your emotion away, crush your heart into dusts, set up your brain, focus to study.

Final year is coming Amalia. The final year that you're always waiting for. Stop being a loser. Stop crying over what you lose. Nobody wants to know, nobody cares. God will replace the missing piece of your heart with a new piece of heart which will be given to you at the right time soon. Just keep in faith.

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