Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Chapter 22

"Orang sama je yang tinggal last-last ni. Haha"

Pusing sekeliling bilik simulasi hari last buat endo molar minggu lepas, yaaa nampak orang sama ja tinggal. Nak gelak tapi itula macam tak sesuai je nak gelak masa tu =.=

There is a barrier, a long and huge barrier between those who did well in practical and those who were in the same boat with me. The another boat passengers seem happy while those who are in this boat seem stressful about something. No it's about everything. Semua tak kena. Semua nak marah-marah. Hmm. How did the other boat always do well in their practical? Everything seem easy and smooth for them. They did not have fractured instrument, no sclerosed pulp, no curved canal, no thin canal. Their chosen tooth is a good tooth I guess :0

Or is it due to their skill which differently beyond us? Peculiar. And amazing. How all of you made it happen somehow?

Rezeki? Sort of.

But I think it's fate. The fate which was already written for each of us.

This fate is our future, we only can pray for it, hoping that it will be the best for us, hoping that we can accept our fate whatever it will turn to. It's okay. By this way of thinking, I can prepare myself earlier if I can't graduate on time. In case if I can't catch up with those amazing people. In case I fail someday. Who knows. Let's prepare for the worst.

That boat seems fine without me. But dear the happy boat, for sometimes may you please turn your back to us? And if it does not trouble any of you, could you please save our boat too? :)

Jangan cari kami hanya untuk dijadikan teman keluar makan, keluar movie, dan keluar meronggeng, korang pun sangat dialu-alukan dalam school life kami. And we need your guidance in certain things that you're good at actually. We need you seriously :)

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