Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Chapter 26

Apologize or ego?

These two things are the determination of how a relationship will turn to. Nope it's not about love relationship specifically, but I talk about things in our daily life, emphasizing the relationship with surrounding people. In our context, with our beloved friends.

Is it difficult to apologize over something you have done peeps? Only three words. "I am sorry." "Saya mintak maaf." Easy peacy.

A few days back it was a tough time to me. I hate it very much when someone starts a fight with me. I always ended up crying when fighting with people, I also cried if I was angered by someone. Being in a bad mood is different with being angry. I cried too when I was moody, quite sometimes lol

I have learnt since I was a little kid to apologize first whenever someone started a fight with you. Lower your ego, try to stop the fight first. After apologizing you will find peace eventually. Yep I always give in first as I have nothing to lose, somehow you will feel happy, then forgive and forget.

Do apologize dear people. Your ego will bring you nowhere.

Ok done my short update. Just for my fans who were commenting on my previous post ahahahah

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hahahhah finally...himnaeseyo waiting for the next entry :D