Sunday, 29 January 2017

Chapter 32


Sorry guys to those who are being waiting for my new update this whole time hehe long time no see. I dont know how many of you except for Su and Kerin who waited for my update so eagerly haha ada ke tak entah, so hye everyone. Su already told me a few times to update my blog but she warned me to stop mentioning about that stressful damn clinical requirements haha k I wont. By the way sorry my keyboard key doesnt work for apostrophe punctuation mark, therefore pardon for my grammar. Back to hye everyone, I have been busy lately and didnt have mood to write something up till this moment.

Its chinese new year holiday, 3 days break, but Im alone in this peaceful hostel lol. Guys its already three weeks since my final semester started. All praises to Allah things went well for me this semester but I still dont get in a comfortable zone to not worry about my status, but still I am grateful for what Ive achieved right now alhamdulillah. Just keep praying for things will go in the best way for everyone. Plan well Amalia! You have to run fast and furiously to catch up with your friends! Ops sorry Su I break our promise to not talk about clinical requirement haha k

Ni nak cakap pasal minggu yang baru lepas ni. Seminggu takda partner klinik dia pi posting HUSM weh, aku ingat ke laut dah kerja klinik aku tapi alhamdulillah Allah dah plan cantik punya, masa aku takde assistant, kebetulan ada ja kawan yang free patient tetiba takleh datang dan sebagainya so I have assistants for each my clinic throughout this week. Klinik pulak banyak yang habes awal sebab aku sengaja bawak patient kes simple ja sebab dah prepare kot kot takde assistant. Bila pikir balik betul lah kalau kita selalu tolong orang waktu dia perlukan assistant contohnya, Allah akan hadirkan assistant jugak kat kita bila kita perlukan orang tolong. Allah Maha adil. Jadi rajin-rajin lah tolong kawan ye. Kata nak grad togeder-geder. Jangan nak berdalih busy ke apa kalau masa tu ada kita ja yang boleh tolong dia.

Tomorrow will be a big day for someone, good luck chinguya. And Im alone at this 24 years old age. This another thing to ponder of, ya Allah awat lah seketul Amalia ni takde benda lain nak pikir selain klinik dan jodoh hahahaha 24 tahun da weh bukan ke tua -_-

So in a nutshell I just want to update 2017 has being good to me alhamdulillah and I hope it will be same till the end of the year. My ultimate wish for 2017 is to grad on time with all 35 of my friends insyaAllah, and to forget those who dont want to leave my heart hahahahaha just kidding.

Lupa nak pesan, for a few months I wont be blogging as frequent as before k :) Happy new year!

Nah selfie satu kot lah rindu kita :D