Saturday, 27 May 2017

Chapter 33


Lamanyaaaa tak updateee. Sorryy couldnt manage to update this blog as frequent as before, too busy since January and guess what its already nearly June. K. Almost five months being in a hiatus. Dan esok puasa! Cepatnya :o

Right now we are in the middle of our study week. Eh we got two weeks for our study break this year. First time ever dapat dua minggu study week ni weh. Jadi sempat lah settle hal benda folder patient, kejar lecturer sana sini nak mintak signature, hantar segala surat yang patut, pulangkan barang lab dan cubicle klinik, refer patient itu ini, alhamdulillah all completed within the first week. Jadi tinggal seminggu lagi untuk struggle pulun habes-habesan for the final professional exam. Our first paper will be on 5th June. Do pray for us, semoga Allah permudahkan urusan Amalia dan kawan-kawan, semoga semua lulus dengan cemerlang, and will be able to graduate on this upcoming November aminn insyaAllah. 

Lama tak conteng blog ni hmmm. In these past few months, I had no strength to do so, had no time to do it. 

Briefly, let me conclude my story, actually I have been going through a difficult and tough journey for the past five months, as I am forcefully struggling and suffocating to complete all my competency tests and clinical requirements on time as I always talked about before. I will tell you guys one by one in my next entries. I promise :)

Surprisingly, at the end of this semester, Allah gave me a miracle and such a huge blessing for me to complete all of them justttt on time finally, alhamdulillah thumma alhamdulillah. No words to describe the feeling. When the results were out, to know who will sit for final pro exam or not, my heart just dropped and stopped for a second, when I saw the result sheets, I was trembling. Alhamdulillah I passed miraculously. Rasa beban study selama enam tahun hilang begitu saja ya Allah. After too many tears, too many untold stories, too many challenges, too many embarassing moments, too many lessons, dan macam-macam lagi benda dah lalui, semua nya tinggal kenangan. Benda yang elok, kita simpan. Yang tak elok better kita jadikan tauladan. Macam tak percaya I have faced them, all of them. Kecuali final exam ja belum huuu

But unfortunately some of us couldnt make it, including a few of my best friends. Some of them are given another chance to finish the remaining clinical requirements within one month starting this upcoming September, aku yakin korang bolehhh, you can do it seriusss tak tipuu, while two of them have to wait for another six months to sit for final exam. The day of result announcement was very gloomy, unexpected and indescribable moment. But surely is Allah has a better plan for them, Allah knows best indeed. Nevertheless, we will support them always. Do pray for them too. Semoga Allah beri kekuatan. I know they are strong in just the way they are :)

Ok selamat menyambut Ramadhan mubarak korang. Good luck for upcoming pro exam :))

Nah hadiah video selama lima tahun kami bersama. Sedeh pulak nak berpisah :(

See you in the next post. Assalamualaikum ;)

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